tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Werewolves part 3

Hi again! It's time for more Werewolves! First up is two colour scheme tests. I went for the grey fur, green armour and light brown clothes. My first idea was to paint each wolf a different colour, taken from Twilight's Quileute werewolf pack. In the end I opted for using only three different fur colours. Two would be for the big werewolves and the rest would get dark grey.

These shots from the back show the colour scheme better. My main problem with the linemen is that now that they all have the same fur they will be very uniform. I'm considering using stripes on their pants to differentiate between them a bit.
This is not a typical werewolf as you can see. Instead, in line with Twilight, this is a spirit warrior able to leave his body in spirit. His wolf fur suit ties him in with the rest of the team.Great Werewolf
This big guy was actually bigger than I thought. My first plan was to use one of these and then the Otherworld werewolf to get two different Great Werewolves, but this one is too big and the other is too small so I'll have to use two of these Heresy Werewolves. This black one is Sam, the Alpha male. Next one will be Jacob, the other Alpha.

The rookie
The new guy got some brown fur mostly for testing it out. I don't think he will be used much in this team, but I am considering getting another one to use somehow, perhaps in an undead team.

Next step
So as you can see on the Great Werewolf, I chose to go with the same bases as the Soldiers of Fortune had. I like the look and it's easy to do. But this team is mostly painting from now on. I have already sculpted a longer nozzle on the catchers hood and fixed some small stuff in joints and so on.

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