tisdag 5 oktober 2010

TEAM ROKKIT Orks part 2

Painting of Team Rokkit continues! As you can see I'm experimenting with funny logos as well. So first off is some progress on the Blockers. Nothing is really finished but they have their base coats at least. Next is highlighting and shadowing the armour, followed by finishing their skin and then adding details like colourfull wires and player numbers.

The Blitzers are the most finished and has been since the beginning and as such they haven't gotten much attention yet, but below you can see the Linemen. They pretty much only have details left before they are ready for basing.

Basing is a big question for this team. They shouldn't have the clean easy pitch grass of the Soldiers, but they do need something to tie them stronger to Fantasy Football and away from the 40k universe they are taken from. I am strongly considering a kind of Gorkamorka desert pitch but I'm really unsure how that would look. I guess I'm going to have to make some tests!

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