tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Werewolves part 3

Hi again! It's time for more Werewolves! First up is two colour scheme tests. I went for the grey fur, green armour and light brown clothes. My first idea was to paint each wolf a different colour, taken from Twilight's Quileute werewolf pack. In the end I opted for using only three different fur colours. Two would be for the big werewolves and the rest would get dark grey.

These shots from the back show the colour scheme better. My main problem with the linemen is that now that they all have the same fur they will be very uniform. I'm considering using stripes on their pants to differentiate between them a bit.
This is not a typical werewolf as you can see. Instead, in line with Twilight, this is a spirit warrior able to leave his body in spirit. His wolf fur suit ties him in with the rest of the team.Great Werewolf
This big guy was actually bigger than I thought. My first plan was to use one of these and then the Otherworld werewolf to get two different Great Werewolves, but this one is too big and the other is too small so I'll have to use two of these Heresy Werewolves. This black one is Sam, the Alpha male. Next one will be Jacob, the other Alpha.

The rookie
The new guy got some brown fur mostly for testing it out. I don't think he will be used much in this team, but I am considering getting another one to use somehow, perhaps in an undead team.

Next step
So as you can see on the Great Werewolf, I chose to go with the same bases as the Soldiers of Fortune had. I like the look and it's easy to do. But this team is mostly painting from now on. I have already sculpted a longer nozzle on the catchers hood and fixed some small stuff in joints and so on.

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

TEAM ROKKIT Orks part 3

OK, work has been done and here are the results!

The team is finished, except for the bases, as you can see. I just couldn't decide what to do with them. I decided to wait with the basing until it's time to use the team. I'm really looking forward to playing them.

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Werewolves part 2

More Werewolves! A few more are assembled and I've basecoated half of them.
This Werewolf team will have four different kinds of werewolf. Linemen, Blitzers, Catchers and Blockers. I'm considering adding a Great Werewolf if I can find the funding for the miniature.

These guys are one of the more "human" kinds of werewolf. They specialize on hunting down opposing Quarterbacks and are the masterminds of the defense squad.
The Linemen on this Werewolf team are excellent blockers. They are more wolf than man and the more experienced linemen have been known to pull down much bigger opponents.

The Rookie
This werewolf is not only new to the team, but new to civilized sports alltogether. He hasn't learned to wear clothes and football gear yet but is a keen player.Next
Next up is the first layers of paint! I'm going to have to learn how to do good looking fur, so the Rookie will be my testmodel. Hopefully the Blockers will arrive soon so I can start putting them together.

tisdag 5 oktober 2010

Werewolves part 1

Hi, everyone! This is a project I have been looking forward to a long time now. I realised I wanted to do this when I was browsing some fantasy football miniatures sites simultaneously and happened to be looking at Impacts Timberline Elves at the same time as Roll Jordans Necro wolves. Native americans and werewolves, now where have I heard of that before?

I ordered some models after having checked out all the werewolf miniatures I could find. Here's the first I built!
The middle and right ones are Roll Jordan Necro Wolfs, while the leftmost one is from Otherworld miniatures. They are all really good miniatures, but I found that the Otherworld wolf had a big advantage: It is a one-part miniature, while the middle Roll Jordan wolf consists of 6(!) parts. On the other hand, the RJ wolves are perfect for fantasy football.
Next time I'll go through my thoughts on how the team is going to be put together. Until then I give you the team name: Jake's Wolves!

TEAM ROKKIT Orks part 2

Painting of Team Rokkit continues! As you can see I'm experimenting with funny logos as well. So first off is some progress on the Blockers. Nothing is really finished but they have their base coats at least. Next is highlighting and shadowing the armour, followed by finishing their skin and then adding details like colourfull wires and player numbers.

The Blitzers are the most finished and has been since the beginning and as such they haven't gotten much attention yet, but below you can see the Linemen. They pretty much only have details left before they are ready for basing.

Basing is a big question for this team. They shouldn't have the clean easy pitch grass of the Soldiers, but they do need something to tie them stronger to Fantasy Football and away from the 40k universe they are taken from. I am strongly considering a kind of Gorkamorka desert pitch but I'm really unsure how that would look. I guess I'm going to have to make some tests!

söndag 3 oktober 2010

TEAM ROKKIT Orks part 1

OK, this is going to be a quick project. I'm doing Orcs without Throwers or Goblins. The theme of the team is Rockets, using Warhammer 40,000 Ork Stormboyz for most players. Blitzers are the new plastic Stormboyz, while the Linemen are an older version. And Black Orcs are the ever Awesome Meganobz!These boys are linemen, built simply by cutting off weapons from 3ed Ork Stormboyz. In Blood Bowl I acctually like the Orc Linemen a lot for their AV9 and decent agility. I'll be using these instead of any throwers, just for that extra armour.

Black Orc Blockers are very important on the Orc team. They give the team its signature strength advantage against most teams, so I wanted something impressive for their models. I just happened to have a bunch of Mega Nobz I'd never use otherwise lying around. These don't have rockets per se, but they look technological enough to still fit the theme.

And finally the most important piece on the team, the Blitzers. They bring the reliability and speed to this team, and without sacrificing any of that sweet armour. These are the true Rocketeers, literally taking off from rubble on the pitch. I'm not sure what I should do to their bases, seeing how car tires aren't that common on the field.

Ral Partha Elves part 9

Allright! After some painting madness, here's the rest of the Soldiers of Fortune, all finished! Below are pictures of the team divided into positions. I wanted to show you these before I try and varnish them. The varnish could end up ruining the paintjob completely so here's the "before" pictures.

After this I've an awesome idea for a team that I want to do, but the parts I ordered hasn't arrived yet so I thought I would do a short project in between. So, next time we'll see some Ork Rocketeers!