tisdag 2 november 2010

Underworld part 1

This project started many months ago with me wanting to try out the new Skaven models. I just loved what Games Workshop had done to their Clanrats, going from the most horrible miniatures in their range to the coolest. After getting the 20 individual Clanrat models I realised that it would be hard to adapt them to Fantasy Football, since the whole body was one single piece together with one arm. That didn't leave much room for varied poses. To overcome this uniformity and still distinguish between different positionals on a team I studied the 20 different bodies closely to see how I could group them. A few had a lot of armour so they would be blitzers. Others had a lot of clothing and would become throwers. The last ones had practically nothing on and they would be my favourites, the linemen!

The colour scheme you can see below originated from a Troll I was painting for a completely different team. They would be Blue orcs and I wanted to do the troll so he looked "natural". I used a lot of khaki and only had a subtle greyish blue for shadowing. It turned out to look like a khaki troll with natural shadows instead of a blue troll with natural highlights and I really really liked the effect. I have since used it to make these albino Skaven:

Next part I will go through how I recently continued with this project that started many months ago.

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