onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Werewolves part 2

More Werewolves! A few more are assembled and I've basecoated half of them.
This Werewolf team will have four different kinds of werewolf. Linemen, Blitzers, Catchers and Blockers. I'm considering adding a Great Werewolf if I can find the funding for the miniature.

These guys are one of the more "human" kinds of werewolf. They specialize on hunting down opposing Quarterbacks and are the masterminds of the defense squad.
The Linemen on this Werewolf team are excellent blockers. They are more wolf than man and the more experienced linemen have been known to pull down much bigger opponents.

The Rookie
This werewolf is not only new to the team, but new to civilized sports alltogether. He hasn't learned to wear clothes and football gear yet but is a keen player.Next
Next up is the first layers of paint! I'm going to have to learn how to do good looking fur, so the Rookie will be my testmodel. Hopefully the Blockers will arrive soon so I can start putting them together.

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