tisdag 5 oktober 2010

Werewolves part 1

Hi, everyone! This is a project I have been looking forward to a long time now. I realised I wanted to do this when I was browsing some fantasy football miniatures sites simultaneously and happened to be looking at Impacts Timberline Elves at the same time as Roll Jordans Necro wolves. Native americans and werewolves, now where have I heard of that before?

I ordered some models after having checked out all the werewolf miniatures I could find. Here's the first I built!
The middle and right ones are Roll Jordan Necro Wolfs, while the leftmost one is from Otherworld miniatures. They are all really good miniatures, but I found that the Otherworld wolf had a big advantage: It is a one-part miniature, while the middle Roll Jordan wolf consists of 6(!) parts. On the other hand, the RJ wolves are perfect for fantasy football.
Next time I'll go through my thoughts on how the team is going to be put together. Until then I give you the team name: Jake's Wolves!

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