söndag 3 oktober 2010

TEAM ROKKIT Orks part 1

OK, this is going to be a quick project. I'm doing Orcs without Throwers or Goblins. The theme of the team is Rockets, using Warhammer 40,000 Ork Stormboyz for most players. Blitzers are the new plastic Stormboyz, while the Linemen are an older version. And Black Orcs are the ever Awesome Meganobz!These boys are linemen, built simply by cutting off weapons from 3ed Ork Stormboyz. In Blood Bowl I acctually like the Orc Linemen a lot for their AV9 and decent agility. I'll be using these instead of any throwers, just for that extra armour.

Black Orc Blockers are very important on the Orc team. They give the team its signature strength advantage against most teams, so I wanted something impressive for their models. I just happened to have a bunch of Mega Nobz I'd never use otherwise lying around. These don't have rockets per se, but they look technological enough to still fit the theme.

And finally the most important piece on the team, the Blitzers. They bring the reliability and speed to this team, and without sacrificing any of that sweet armour. These are the true Rocketeers, literally taking off from rubble on the pitch. I'm not sure what I should do to their bases, seeing how car tires aren't that common on the field.

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