måndag 27 september 2010

Ral Partha Elves part 8

My camera is back! And in its absence I've been painting some Soldiers of Fortune. Here's the first batch of players, still without name or numbers. The second from the left is a Blitzer, and the rest are linemen. I'm quite pleased with these, but I'm thinking about getting some variation in hair colours.
Next are a picture of their bases. These are very simple, just flock with some blood and lines. I think the coming batch will have a bit more detail on there.
For the thrower and last blitzer I'm working some putty into hands with balls. I'll show you some pictures. I began by sculpting the parts on a piece of wire, and then when it was hardened I glued it to the model. First up is the Blitzer.I like the Blitzers new pose, but the thrower was much harder. I don't have any experience with american football so I just had to go with what felt like it would look "normal". The left hand is still unmodified and I'm afraid I have to change that one too. But sculpting open hands is super difficult!

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