måndag 13 september 2010

Ral Partha Elves part 1

About 10 years ago I went on a trip to the Big City with my family. While wandering through the shelves of the great hobby store I stumbled upon a sales bin. Among the last products from long dead miniature companies I found a blister of elves with shields and swords. I bought them with the sole purpose of painting them, but I never really came around to it.
After all these years, I only have two of them left. Only one is painted. The shields and bases are lost, and with them the name of the company they came from. You see, these elves didn't have tabs under their feet like Grandma's usually have. They only have pins that fit their original metal bases.
I have many times browsed through entire catalogs in search for these elusive elves, but I found them only today! They are Ral Partha Irregular Elves with swords. And to my great delight Ral Partha still sells them!
I ordered a bunch of them to make a Fantasy Football team, and with this blog I will document the process from beginning to end.Here you can see some of these splendid miniatures. They might be a tad smaller than Grandma's, but then again, most things are.
The different aspects of creating a Fantasy Football team are many, including coming up with a theme, a name, player names, what rules to use and perhaps most important of all what colours to use!
This first post will show you some of my initial ideas around the colour scheme. Some of these I will implement on the two models I already have while waiting for the rest of them to arrive.

The Blue Scheme

This scheme revolves around using metallic blue for the metal parts and a clean bright white for the cloth.

The Red Scheme
In this case, the metals would be laquered white and the cloth dark red with white stripes and details.

The Inverted Red Scheme
Much like the Blue Scheme, this colour scheme has metallic colours (red) with white cloth. Clear white contrasts well with dark red.

Next time we will get to see one or two of these tried out and we'll be discussing what works and what doesn't as well as the team name! Don't miss it!

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